067. Give Him The Mic

Kevin admits right from the start this is a band he loves and has been listening to for quite some time. But first the guys go back to high school days and talk about how they took tests which Kevin clearly figures out why he was a C student! But this isn’t the Multiple Choice Monday Podcast, this is the Music Crush Monday Podcast so on to the music!

It is no surprise to ANYONE that has been following this podcast that Steve is able to guess who the band is even though he has never really listened to them. Are you able to guess who this band is? Listen to the music before you check out who it is and see if you can get it. Let us know what you think of the band this week as well! We have all of our contact information below so you can reach out to us but don’t scroll down too far because it will give away who the band is!

The guys talk a lot about this band’s “hit song” and how Kevin experienced a crowd that only wants to hear that song. What’s your take on this? It’s a fine line to walk when you want your favorite bands to succeed, but you also want them to be appreciated for who they are, and not just the “hit” song on the radio. What bands are you into that have grown over time? Does it make you happy or upset to see a band you have loved from the beginning grow a larger fan base? We look forward to hearing from you!

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As always, below are the links to the band that is being featured on this episode. If you want to take a ride on this journey with us and want to listen to this music blind, please do not look at the featured band links beforehand if at all possible. Check out our Spotify playlist for more of their music and please reach out to us via social media through the links below. See you next Monday!

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Intro and Outro Music: “The Breakdown” by At The Wayside

*** WARNING! ***

*** WARNING! ***



*** Disclaimer: We at the Music Crush Monday Podcast would like for our listeners to listen to the bands blind with us but we also want you to check out the band further if they were interesting to you. Please review the links below to find more on today’s featured band. ***

Band: Taproot
Website: www.taprootmusic.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/followtaproot
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TaprootMusic/

Songs Played:
Facepeeler from the album Blue Sky Research
Poem from the album Welcome

Spotify Playlist: www.tinyurl.com/mcmep067