About Us


Meet Steve Schenk and Kevin Olsen, two friends who grew up in different parts of the country, and who both love music.  There will be plenty of music discussion, reviews, and stories shared on this podcast, thank you for joining them on this journey!


Steve Schenk

I started my musical journey on the recorder in the 2nd grade, this progressed to Trumpet in the 3rd grade. I grew up listening to the oldies in car rides with my parents where I developed an affinity to the Beatles. During my teen years I discovered Weezer and MxPx and my whole world opened up. By age 16 I was self teaching myself guitar and perfecting my vocal harmonies while mowing the lawn! During my teens/early 20s I went to a countless number of live shows throughout Upstate NY. My first concert I remember going to was the K-Rockathon in Syracuse, NY on July 12, 1998. I went with my older brother where we lost our minds to the music of Eve 6, Smash Mouth, Our Lady Peace, Spacehog, Third Eye Blind and so much more! But for real I still love Eve 6 and Our Lady Peace! My 2nd concert experience I remember going to was to see MxPx, No Motiv and 22 Jacks in Rochester, NY on Halloween 1999. You’ll hear me talk about Tooth & Nail and the old days when you went to the record store to buy music. In high school I introduced a lot of bands to my friends and asked them to tag along to concerts. I still listen to a lot of the bands I discovered when I was younger, but I’m always listening to new music! I just want to share everything I’ve found with everyone because I just love this music and I think you will too!


Kevin Olsen

Growing up I have always been a fan of music. Listening to The Beatles or Garth Brooks with my Dad, whatever was on the radio at the time, or even listening to the music my brothers were into. It wasn’t until the late 90’s when I came across bands like Korn and The Deftones that made me want to be involved in music in some form. One of the first real concerts I attended was Limp Bizkit at The Rave in Milwaukee right when they were hitting it big and it was kind of eye opening to see everyone in one place for the same reason. It made me fall in love with going to concerts which is something I still love to do. Fast forward a few years, I found myself being the singer of a metal band and it was probably some of the best times of my life. I got to meet so many cool people and hear a lot of good music but it really helped me grow into who I am today with my musical taste, interests, and a little bit of knowledge. I am looking forward to sharing bands that I personally love and any related stories I can share with those bands.