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081. exclamation point w/anthony mullen of vinyl divers podcast

We are back at it again with another episode but this week Kevin and Steve decided to just take the week off. This week the guys have a special guest on the podcast, Anthony Mullen of Vinyl Divers Podcast and the BICBP Network! Anthony brought some music to the podcast we’ve never heard! It was awesome to have Anthony on the podcast! Do not miss out on the BICBP Network, it has so many cool podcasts to offer! Also, if you like album reviews and talking about vinyl records then head on over to Vinyl Divers Podcast to hear more great [. . .]

080. let me get this straight

Welcome back to another EXCITING episode of the Music Crush Monday Podcast! The gents are back to show you more music! Kevin is back in the hot seat showing off a band that he really loves, but also has “No Business” liking. It’s kind of funny when a band like this comes up for Kevin because he has such a background in heavy/aggressive music. Why does this band stick out SO much to him? They don’t follow the normal guidelines on Kevin’s checklist of what [. . .]


079. You couldn’t handle 26

Welcome back to another round of Choose Your Own Adventure, Music Crush Monday style! It truly was an adventure from start to finish! This isn’t the normal practice for us but we are all about having fun! So come along with us for the journey! Listen in to hear about this band, their story, and how Kevin reacts to their sound. Does he enjoy the music? Does he think the band is “Trash”? Or does him trying to talk about how he feels about this band make him s-s-s-stutter? You will have to tune in to find out! Do not forget to [. . .]




What is MCM?

Welcome to the Music Crush Monday Podcast!  This is the podcast where two friends listen to and discuss a band that one of them loves each and every Monday.

What do you do when discover a band that you like?  Naturally, you want to tell people about it! What if the friend you’re sharing with has heard of the band? They may already have an idea of what the band sounds like and won’t give it good listen. What if whenever you showed someone music you didn’t have to say who the band is or what they sound like?

Every Monday a new episode will be released with Steve and Kevin taking turns focusing on a band they personally love.  The host that week will present the music without the Co-Host knowing who will be played. From there you will hear honest opinions about the music and discuss the music and band further.  They also want you as the listener to join in on the fun so please try not to look past the Disclaimer/Spoiler Alert section of the show notes each week if you want to play along and guess the band.  This is really a great opportunity to dig a little deeper into a band you may have never heard of or a band you’ve already written off.

We’ll see you next Monday!