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073. Beats, bears, back tattoos (w/ mark rose)

We’re always excited to bring you new music each and every Monday. This week is even more exciting with Mark Rose of Spitalfield joining us. He sat down to show us one of his personal favorite bands. We got to hear about this band and their interesting style, and talked a bit about the music industry and how tricky it really can be. This band falls into the category of [. . .]

072. street team winner

Steve is up this week and dives right into the music. He decided to show off an artist that he’s been following and repping for years. Who could it possibly be? Well there is only one way to find out isn’t there?! Take a seat in a comfortable chair and enjoy this week’s episode. Have you ever been part of a Street Team for a band or artist? It almost feels like a sense of ownership and pride for the band and music. It’s such a cool way for bands to get their name out there and when you join a street team you can generally get [. . .]


071. the future is bright

Well, well, well…. We meet again!  Kevin presents this week and shows off a band that he’s JUST getting into.  This band is doing some cool things and are on the rise! In a previous episode Kevin mentioned it was tough for him to get into new music these days and he should really take advantage of spotify to find something that sparks his interest.   Spotify has a new playlist called “Your Daily Drive” where it plays you some current events/news feed and in between news segments it plays you music you like. Such a good idea! This band popped up in that daily drive mix and he immediately jumped on it. Overall, we as music lovers have it pretty easy with [. . .]




What is MCM?

Welcome to the Music Crush Monday Podcast!  This is the podcast where two friends listen to and discuss a band that one of them loves each and every Monday.

What do you do when discover a band that you like?  Naturally, you want to tell people about it! What if the friend you’re sharing with has heard of the band? They may already have an idea of what the band sounds like and won’t give it good listen. What if whenever you showed someone music you didn’t have to say who the band is or what they sound like?

Every Monday a new episode will be released with Steve and Kevin taking turns focusing on a band they personally love.  The host that week will present the music without the Co-Host knowing who will be played. From there you will hear honest opinions about the music and discuss the music and band further.  They also want you as the listener to join in on the fun so please try not to look past the Disclaimer/Spoiler Alert section of the show notes each week if you want to play along and guess the band.  This is really a great opportunity to dig a little deeper into a band you may have never heard of or a band you’ve already written off.

We’ll see you next Monday!