016. This Is Emotional Music


Welcome to the Music Crush Monday Podcast!  Steve is back in the driver seat in this episode to present the band of the week.  The guys have a little bit of giddiness to them this week which goes to show how much fun they are having.  Steve is a little leary on the band this week and wondering it will be something Kevin enjoys or not. How does Kevin feel about this one?

The guys get into another discussion about lyrics and lyrical content.  More specifically about how lyrics can emotionally affect you. This week’s song has some deep meanings and it actually triggers some old emotions in Steve.  It is very cool how music can do that! How music can help you in any moment, good or bad and remind you of moments in the past that may have been a hard time in your life or a good time with friends.  Music is a beautiful thing!

As always, below are the links to the band that is being featured on this episode.  If you want to take a ride on this journey with us and want to listen to this music blind, please do not look at the featured band links beforehand if at all possible.  Check out our Spotify playlist for more of their music and please reach out to us via social media through the links below. See you next Monday!

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Intro and Outro music:  “The Breakdown” by At The Wayside


***  WARNING!  ***


***  WARNING!  ***


***  SPOILER ALERT!  ***


***  SPOILER ALERT!  ***


***  Disclaimer:  We at the Music Crush Monday Podcast would like for our listeners to listen to the bands blind with us but we also want you to check out the band further if they were interesting to you.  Please review the links below to find more on today’s featured band. ***

Band: Copeland
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Songs Played:
“Testing The Strong Ones” from the album
Beneath Medicine Tree
“Careful Now” from the album Eat Sleep Repeat

Spotify Playlist: www.tinyurl.com/mcmep016

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