039.11 Eleventh Day of Christmas (12 Days of Christmas)


On the 11th Day of Christmas the Music Crush Monday Podcast gave to you the song “The Reason We Celebrate” by The Roosevelts. Steve dove deep into the past with this one, and doesn’t think many people have ever even heard this song before. If you listen closely at the end you may hear the dulcet tones of Steve and Janet in the choir! For real though this is a band from when Steve was interning for Word of Mouth Records in Medina, NY, and this was his absolute favorite band on the label. This also happens to be the last song of the 12 days of Christmas from Steve! He really hopes you’ve enjoyed the song choices he’s picked and looks forward to the new year and what things are in store for the podcast!

Artist: The Roosevelts
Song: The Reason We Celebrate