005. This Is Supposed To Be Fun

Welcome back to the Music Crush Monday Podcast!  This music crushing train just keeps on rolling in and we are back with our fifth episode!  

Kevin shares a personal favorite of his this week.  There are a lot of stories shared and history he personally has with this band including a visual aid!  Kevin did stress himself out picking the song that represents the band to the public and even after picking the song, was still kicking himself.  Would song would you pick if you are a fan of this band, contact us to let us know!

Could this be the episode we’ve all been waiting for where there is just so much hate going on?  You will have to find out but the personal stories and connections to the band could keep up your interest in this week’s episode.  We hope you are enjoying the show thus far and looking forward to hearing from you on your thoughts with this week’s episode.


***  WARNING!  ***


***  WARNING!  ***


***  SPOILER ALERT!  ***


***  SPOILER ALERT!  ***


***  Disclaimer:  We at the Music Crush Monday Podcast would like for our listeners to listen to the bands blind with us but we also want you to check out the band further if they were interesting to you.  Please review the links below to find more on today’s featured band. ***


Band:  Nonpoint
Social Media:

Songs Played:
“That Day” from the album Nonpoint

“Mindtrip” from the album Statement

Spotify Playlist:  https://tinyurl.com/mcmep005

Stephen Schenk