037. We All Need Those Albums


Here we are again, another Monday, another episode for your enjoyment!  The Kevin generator picked unlucky number 13, but it turns out to be a band that Steve really only loves their first album through and through.  The band has an interesting story and are associated with many other acts. Some members went on to more successful bands, which ultimately led to the bands demise.  That’s what Steve says anyway, and from the looks of it on this episode, he’s a liar so maybe you shouldn’t follow what he says! Kidding of course, Steve is amazing!

The discussion leads to how important it is to have some albums like that in your life.  Even if you don’t love everything the band put out, sometimes they will have an album that just speaks to you.  What albums and bands are those “golden” albums for you? Reach out to us via the contact links below to have that discussion!  We would love to hear from you! Also, do not forget to share this podcast with your friends and family so it can continue to grow.  

It is hard to believe that 2018 is already coming to a close to being done!  We loved that we were able to start this podcast and share music with you all.  2019 will be a lot of fun as we continue this show for you all. We will see you next Monday!

As always, below are the links to the band that is being featured on this episode.  If you want to take a ride on this journey with us and want to listen to this music blind, please do not look at the featured band links beforehand if at all possible.  Check out our Spotify playlist for more of their music and please reach out to us via social media through the links below. See you next Monday!

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Intro and Outro music:  “The Breakdown” by At The Wayside


***  WARNING!  ***

***  WARNING!  ***

***  SPOILER ALERT!  ***

***  SPOILER ALERT!  ***

***  Disclaimer:  We at the Music Crush Monday Podcast would like for our listeners to listen to the bands blind with us but we also want you to check out the band further if they were interesting to you.  Please review the links below to find more on today’s featured band. ***

Band: Liars Academy
Website:  Liars Academy - Equal Vision
Songs Played:
Disappearing Act from the album No News Is Good News
No News Is Good News from the album No News Is Good News

Spotify:  www.tinyurl.com/mcmep037

Stephen Schenk