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051 - You All get Trophies

We’ve got another #TeamSteve week lined up and he has a bold prediction that it will blow Kevin’s mind! This episode features a cool band with an interesting story. There are ties to other bands within this band, can you pick up on who it is?  There are times when tragedy strikes and sometimes things happen in life and you don’t have all of the answers. Thankfully people have music to use as an outlet to express feelings or opinions.  The most relatable songs are the kind where the singer poses the same questions/opinions you may have[….]


049 - musical chairs

Welcome back to another new episode of the Music Crush Monday Podcast and boy is this a good one!  This episode is packed full of fun, curveballs, side notes, secret guests, and shoutouts! Steve brings another personal favorite that has had a long and successful career with multiple albums. Kevin vastly underestimated this band.  Sometimes you pigeon hole a band or even just like one of their albums so much that you've never ventured past it.  Has that ever happened to you[….]


050 - tense & Uncertain

Kevin is back in the hot seat this week and has been wanting to bring something a little different to the show.  The band this week has SO many elements of different genres going on that it is interesting to hear how it all comes together.  The band has a large number of members so it’s cool to hear how they can all be in different places but together all at the same time.  This is a very interesting band that’s full of passion and Kevin is excited for you all to hear them[….]




What is MCM?

Welcome to the Music Crush Monday Podcast!  This is the podcast where two friends listen to and discuss a band that one of them loves each and every Monday.

What do you do when discover a band that you like?  Naturally, you want to tell people about it! What if the friend you’re sharing with has heard of the band? They may already have an idea of what the band sounds like and won’t give it good listen. What if whenever you showed someone music you didn’t have to say who the band is or what they sound like?

Every Monday a new episode will be released with Steve and Kevin taking turns focusing on a band they personally love.  The host that week will present the music without the Co-Host knowing who will be played. From there you will hear honest opinions about the music and discuss the music and band further.  They also want you as the listener to join in on the fun so please try not to look past the Disclaimer/Spoiler Alert section of the show notes each week if you want to play along and guess the band.  This is really a great opportunity to dig a little deeper into a band you may have never heard of or a band you’ve already written off.

We’ll see you next Monday!