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068. Five Minutes Nine Seconds

We are back with another HOT episode! Before the guys jump into the music we get to learn a little bit about Steve and his personal tastes. For instance he doesn’t like hot drinks! He will take lukewarm chocolate over hot chocolate! But this isn’t the “How Steve Likes His Drinks Podcast” this is[. . .]

067. give him the mic

Kevin admits right from the start this is a band he loves and has been listening to for quite some time. But first the guys go back to high school days and talk about how they took tests which Kevin clearly figures out why he was a C student! But this isn’t the Multiple Choice Monday Podcast, this is the Music Crush Monday Podcast so on to the music! It is no surprise to ANYONE that has been following this podcast that Steve is [. . .]


066. Title track

We don’t waste much time this week to jump into the music because there is a little more music than normal. This week Steve shows Kevin a band that has had an interesting career. They have had several lead singer changes that could have drastically changed the band or even ended the band’s career but they kept going! You almost have to look at each album as if it’s a different band each time. Steve walks through their career showing [. . .]




What is MCM?

Welcome to the Music Crush Monday Podcast!  This is the podcast where two friends listen to and discuss a band that one of them loves each and every Monday.

What do you do when discover a band that you like?  Naturally, you want to tell people about it! What if the friend you’re sharing with has heard of the band? They may already have an idea of what the band sounds like and won’t give it good listen. What if whenever you showed someone music you didn’t have to say who the band is or what they sound like?

Every Monday a new episode will be released with Steve and Kevin taking turns focusing on a band they personally love.  The host that week will present the music without the Co-Host knowing who will be played. From there you will hear honest opinions about the music and discuss the music and band further.  They also want you as the listener to join in on the fun so please try not to look past the Disclaimer/Spoiler Alert section of the show notes each week if you want to play along and guess the band.  This is really a great opportunity to dig a little deeper into a band you may have never heard of or a band you’ve already written off.

We’ll see you next Monday!